Mooring Winter Stick

Our own Molded Mooring Winter Stick like a Taylor Sully winter stick only better for $69.00

  • Our 60″ Molded Winter Stick made with a long taper so it can’t get stuck in the ice. $69.95 – Add to Cart
  • For orders greater than 3 we will contact you with shipping costs.
  • Taylor Sully Stick 80″ $85.95 –

Mooring Winter Stick

The  original 60″ PVC winter stick made by us.
Our PVC Mooring Winter Stick is 60″ long, foam filled with lead ballast to keep them standing up. All have a SS eye strap on the bottom to connect with a rope to your mooring chain. Made with ballast and poured foam so the rope stays under the ice.

  • Our original 60″ Winter Stick $42.95 – Add to Cart

Underwater Winter Mooring Buoy

Tired of losing your mooring in winter our underwater buoy connects to your top chain and floats at your desired depth under the surface. Made with a white (red shown) polyethylene shell 6″ by 27″ and foam filled with a hole thru center for 3/8 chain or rope. Good for lakes that freeze solid.