Mooring Swivel Hot Galvanized

Eye To Eye Mooring Anchor Swivel

Hot galvanized,forged steel and tempered.  Used to prevent mooring chain from snarling.  Normally placed between top and bottom chains but we prefer under the buoy.

U.S. made Chicago Eye To Eye Swivel

One Piece Swivel

Shackle to Shackle Swivel
New “Mooring Swivel” eliminates the need for eye to eye swivels and many if not all of the shackles used in today’s moorings.  A chain assembly is always rated to the weakest link/component and in salt water the components tend to need replacing before the chain.

Adapts to 1/2”, 5/8” & 3/4” mooring chains,3-1/2 ton working load limit, Hot dip galvanized and Drop Forged.