Mooring Anchor Shackle Hot Galvanized

Hot Galvanized Mooring Anchor Shackle our Grade A our stock brand

When setting up use the same size or one size above mooring shackle as chain size for the connections.  Our shackles are forged and heat treated.  Size and working load (s.w.l.)marked on each.  Average breaking strenth is 6 times working load limit.  The shackles should be safety wired (stainless steel or nylon Tie Wraps) before installing mooring to stop them from working loose.

Chicago Anchor Shackle made in U.S. The number one shackle used by professionals for when you want to buy the best.

Stainless Steel Seizing Wire US made

  • Stainless Steel seizing wire 1lb roll $9.00 each – Add to Cart