Pyramid Anchor for Permanent Mooring

“No Shaft” U.S. All-Steel Pyramid Mooring for 2017 “patent pending”                                                                                                         


All of our pyramid anchor works well in both fresh and saltwater. We now have an All Steel Pyramid Mooring made in the U.S.A available with up to a large 1 1/2″ long lasting eye.   Designed for quick setting with its staggered design that is seam welded, primed and finish painted.  Heavy Duty eye uses regular anchor shackle.  They can be used for a boat mooring, to hold docks or marker buoys. No shank design works well in shallow water with less chance of chain wrap-up compared to the cast iron imported pyramids as pictured below. Up to 2000lb in stock but have up to 5000lb available.

Because of the size / weight of these products – online ordering is not available.
Please contact us for ordering information.

  • 200lb U.S.Made All Steel $450.00      With 1″H.D. Eye
  • 300lb U.S.Made All Steel $600.00      With 1″H.D. Eye
  • 500lb U.S.Made All Steel $800.00      With H.D. Eye               500 lb U. S. Made All Steel
  • 800lb U.S. Made All Steel $1450.00    With H.D. Eye
  • 1100lb U.S. Made All Steel $1760.00    With H.D. Eye500P
  • 1500lb U.S. Made All Steel $2500.00   With H.D. Eye
  • 2000lb U.S. Made All Steel $3000.00 With H.D. Eye
  • Imported Pyramid Anchors
  • 25lb $45.00
  • 50lb $85.00
  • 75lb $122.50
  • 100lb $160.00
  • 150lb $220.00
  • 200lb $300.00500p2
  • 250lb $375.00
  • 300lb $450.00
  • 350lb $525.00
  • 400lb $600.0
  • 500lb $750.00
  • 600lb $1090.00
  • 800lb $1420.00
  • 1000lb $1750.00
  • 1200lb $2080.00
  • 1500lb $2575.00
  • 2000lb $3400.00
  • Over 2000lbs available at $1.75/lb                                        Imported 500lb