Mushroom Anchor


  • 25lb,50lb,75lb,100lb Suitable for boats to 15 ft.
  • 150lb,200lb,250lb Suitable for boats in the 15-25ft range. Also in 2001 a New short shank 150lb for shallow water.
  • 300lb,350lb,400lb,500lb Suitable for boats in the 25-35ft range
  • 600lb,800lb,1000lb and 2000lb for 40ft plus


  • 25lb Our Price $70.04
  • 50lb Our Price $140.07
  • 75lb Our Price $210.11
  • 100lb Our Price $280.15
  • 150lb Our Price $420.22 (short shank $453.22)
  • 200lb Our Price $560.30
  • 250lb Our Price $700.36
  • 300lb Our Price $840.43
  • 350lb Our Price $980.51
  • 400lb Our Price $1120.58
  • 500lb Our Price $1457.32
  • 600lb Our Price $1715.47
  • 800lb Our Price $2630.39
  • 1000lb Our Price $2859.13
  • 1500lb Our Price $4288.69
  • 2000lb Our Price $5718.14
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Our U.S.-Made Steel Mushroom Mooring with counterweight.

For one hundred forty years, harbormasters have relied on using a mushroom anchor for a permanent mooring. We sell U.S. made all steel mushroom moorings. Carbon steel has the property of bending rather than breaking and allows 100% welded construction.In addition they have the advantage of being counter weighting, a more aggressive biting edge,and a larger bell diameter that greatly improves holding power. The weighted head also boasts a larger eye insuring longer-life and the shaft will stay on the bottom keeping the chain from wrapping around it.

We have found that our anchors provide more holding power than a Pyramid and up to 25 percent more than a traditional cast iron mushroom.One of our anchors properly set will have a holding power of about 10 times the weight.

Mooring eye on a 300lb mushroom being inspected after 6 years in water shows no sign of wear.
Once you compare the choice is U.S.-Made Steel Mushrooms.